Web design

Developing a website is a tailor made project. Your website is like a business card and often your customer’s first contact with your company, so you want to make a good impression.

We can deliver an attractive, inviting and functional website. We don’t use ready-made solutions and formats, but every website we make, is custom made conform our client’s wishes and in close consultation with our client. We make sure that your website will meet the expectations of you and your customers.

We offer our services with a personal touch and want to help you make the most of your marketing strategies. To achieve optimum quality for a website, each project consist of a number of phases where each phase is evaluated with the client. Below you will find a short description of these phases.

Briefing (Research & Inventory)
The primary objective of this phase is to define the client's wishes regarding the website. During this process we also perform a small market research to determine the needs and wishes of your customers.

In this phase, a few pages will be created to form a concept website to determine the look and feel of the eventual website.

Design & Production
This phase comprises the actual production of the website. The graphic arts elements are developed, the web pages are programmed, and the technical realization of the system takes place. If the project so desires, a content management system will also be implemented during this phase.

Testing and final evaluation
During this phase the website and - when applicable - the content management system will be tested in a semi-live environment. These tests will be performed by us as well as staff members from the client's organization.

Following final approval, the website will be launched onto the internet and promoted to the main search engines.

During a limited period, maintenance will be provided for the web environment. Any errors or inadequacies that occur in the website (or the Content Management System) will be corrected. In consultation (minor) adjustments and/or enhancements to the website can also be made during this phase.