About us

After working in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and creating web pages for the internal intranets of organizations like the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Massey University, it felt right to start a business of my own.

Pyramid Design was founded to provide competitive design solutions for small to mid-sized internet projects. Based in Warkworth we first of all aimed at local companies in Warkworth and surrounding areas, but as a result of word of mouth, we soon got some customers from a wider region. In fact, because on the internet geographical distances don't matter, we are capable to build websites anywhere in the world.

The Pyramid Design philosophy is based on the idea that the internet is the great equalizer: on the web, the difference between a large corporation and a small business is often reflected in the quality of site design. Pyramid Design hopes to level the playing field for small to mid-sized businesses by offering affordable, high-impact online marketing ideas. At Pyramid Design we are dedicated to advise and educate our clients in respect to the use of the internet. We believe this personal touch is key to the realization of an outstanding and valued website design.

Arno Vacher